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Show # 45 - drderanged - Opening and "The Basics" - The Live Journal Talk Show [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Show # 45 - drderanged - Opening and "The Basics" [Oct. 21st, 2008|04:10 am]

Hello and welcome to talk_show! Here's your host, penpusher.

penpusher: Ready to take another ride with yet another journaler you may know, or one you hopefully will want to after we're done here, this time I'm pleased to welcome drderanged to chat.

penpusher: Hello!

drderanged: Hello!

drderanged: So far, Express has only dropped me once. So I think we'll be good. If I disappear, I'm not ignoring you.

penpusher: I'll try not to take it personally. So the first segment is the meme we do with each guest called "The Basics." And the first question is always what's your name.

drderanged: Gotcha. That's one question I should be able to handle. hehe

penpusher: We like to start off easy.

drderanged: Did you get that last message? It began with "gotcha".

penpusher: Indeed.

drderanged: It said unable to send offlines.

drderanged: Ok, so does that mean you're ready.

penpusher: we're going! This train has left the station.

drderanged: My name is Don O Cook. I often answer to Doc.

penpusher: I'll call you Doc, sure.

drderanged: Some people still don't even know my real name.

penpusher: We'll be fixing that. When's your b'day?

drderanged: June 3rd! Gemini. We're twice as much fun!

penpusher: or double trouble!

drderanged: That too.

penpusher: Where did you grow up?

drderanged: I was born in Arlington, TX. And I've stayed around here my whole life.

penpusher: That's Bush Country!

drderanged: Not for much longer. hehe

penpusher: Have you gotten to travel much?

drderanged: Not really. And honestly, I don't like travel. It brings on waves of anxiety rather than enjoyment.

penpusher: Really? Why do you suppose that happens?

drderanged: I've had anxiety and clinical depression problems ever since I was a kid. The travel thing takes me out of my comfort zone.

penpusher: Oh, sure. Well, I hope you’re still comfortable here so far.

drderanged: Absolutely. I'm well medicated now so I have a much better grip on it.

penpusher: Do you have a favorite film?

drderanged: I'm a big movie guy. So I enjoy a lot of films. But my all time fave has to be the Big Lebowski. And I'm a huge Star Wars nerd so I like all of them too.

penpusher: Even that "clone wars" cartoon?

drderanged: New one or old one? (Told you I'm a nerd.)

penpusher: Aha. You're good. I was thinking of the one that came out this year.

drderanged: The new show is a little more kid friendly but I've enjoyed it well enough. The character animation seems a little stiff though. Lots of action and excitement and then their faces barely move when they talk. Kind of takes you out of it. hehe

penpusher: So, does this mean you are an avid S/F reader?

drderanged: I actually read a lot of theoretical physics books. So, that's close to sci-fi.

penpusher: theoretical physics?!

drderanged: Yeah. The physics of space and time travel, for instance. I find it fascinating that nearly anything is theoretically possible with a strong enough energy source.

penpusher: Hm. Well that does sound like the basis for some S/F material!

drderanged: Exactly. I do read some sci-fi novels for fun though. Lately, and I hate to sound like a broken record here, but it's been the Legacy of the Force Star Wars novels. haha

penpusher: Consistency counts. So, what about music? Are you a John Williams fanatic?

drderanged: hehe! I can see where you'd think that. And I do enjoy his music but it's not really my genre. I'm a big rock and metal guy. I love Ministry. Which is the logo on my hat in the billboard pic I sent you.

penpusher: Metal can go with S/F.

penpusher: I think that might work nicely

drderanged: Spielberg even had Ministry do music for A.I.

penpusher: there was that film Heavy Metal, now that I think of it. It's all tied in

drderanged: Oh yeah. It's even in the title. I'm also a Pink Floyd fan. To throw a little bit of a curveball in the mix.

penpusher: Pink Floyd certainly fits as well.

penpusher: Now, had you ever kept a paper journal prior to going online?

drderanged: Actually, I have. Some were required by a class I was in. Others I did for fun. However, none of them lasted an extended amount of time. It's much easier to type something and hit save. hehe

penpusher: What sort of class requires you to keep a journal? Was this some kind of creative writing?

drderanged: In high school, it was various English classes. And I still have those journals too. I occasionally go back and repost something I wrote all those years ago in my Live Journal.

penpusher: That's fun to do! I've done similar stuff in mine.

drderanged: I think I'm the only one that ever sees them though. It's not often your average Friend gets to go back into your archives to see what you were doing in 1989.

drderanged: I think I'm the only one that ever sees them though. It's not often your average Friend gets to go back into your archives to see what you were doing in 1989.

penpusher: Or it could be that people don't want to comment on the intricacies of your life in your journal.

penpusher: oop, did you just attempt to send something there? I didn't get that if you did.

drderanged: I sent the last message twice on accident.

penpusher: oh! yes you did. must be the gemini coming out.

drderanged: Haha! You're slick. As for your question... It's possible they don't but I'm a comment monster. It wouldn't be in an online journal if I didn't want people to comment on it.

penpusher: I find that sometimes people just can't quite get a handle on a post, especially if it's personal, and though they read it, they might not comment to it.

drderanged: That's true too. I know I read my fair share and end up not commenting. Time constraints play a big part too.

penpusher: So, are there any LJ Communities you like to read or participate in?

drderanged: I recently discovered mock_the_stupid. An activity I'm very fond of. They post stories of stupid things that were done by people they know or sometimes even themselves. It's great comedy.

drderanged: The group depression has also been helpful in the past. It's a big support group for... you guessed it, depressed people.

penpusher: That's like... two sides of the same coin?

drderanged: Something like that. It's nice to be able to converse with people that are in the same place as you mentally. Conversely, it's scary to know you share the planet with some of these people. haha

drderanged: I highly recommend mock_the_stupid though if you're having a bad day.

penpusher: We all could use a picker-upper.

drderanged: Exactly.

penpusher: Ok. Time for our most important question.

penpusher: Where did your username come from?

drderanged: We're going way back on that one. As I mentioned in the first question, I've always gone by Doc. And in high school, I added Deranged to it for a BBS handle. And I can clarify BBS for you if you're younger than 25. haha

penpusher: I'm not younger than 25, but spell it out for me, anyhow.

drderanged: BBSes or Bulletin Board Systems were the Internet before the Internet. People would dedicate a computer and a phone line to a BBS. And you could call it (one caller at a time) to leave message in public forums, play games and download files. They were all usually local. So everyone you talked to lived in the area. Unless you were willing to call long distance.

penpusher: So you've been on the net before the World Wide Web was.

drderanged: Yeah. I'm old.

penpusher: Time is a relative thing.

drderanged: There are actually still things about the BBSes I miss. But the Internet is superior in every way.

penpusher: And speaking of time, it's time for our first break. More fun with Doc, next.

drderanged: Woot!
drderanged: Ok. I'm going to run get a drink real quick. Get all Red Bull-ed up.

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