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Hello and welcome to "The Live Journal Talk Show" hosted by penpusher!

Here's how it works...

1. If you are contacted and agree to appear on the show, we will arrange, via email or IM to meet at a time that is agreeable to both of us for the interview.

2. At the agreed upon time, we will log on to the message system chosen and have the chat, which may be done in one sitting, or could be broken into several smaller segments in the interest of time.

3. The show will be copied, edited slightly for context and readability, and then saved to this journal for all LJ readers to see, creating an archive of users, their comments and their truths. Consider this the next level of blog!

Notes/Ground Rules (so far...)
The interview segments will all be "no comments permitted." This is to allow people scanning the archive to find the interview of their choice minus any response. There will be separate posts allowing comments about the previous interview open to all readers, much like a "Letters To The Editor" column.

Spam comments will be removed at the discretion of the owner.

Do you have a candidate for talk_show or would like to be on the program yourself? Please email me at

ljpenpusher at gmail dot com

DO NOT post such requests in this journal. Thank you!

For a complete listing of all previous guests, with links to photos and interviews, click HERE.